LPG forklift / combustion engine / 4-wheel
max. 3 300 kg | 33L-7A Hyundai Heavy Industries Europe NV


  • Motor type:

    combustion engine, LPG

  • Other characteristics:



The 33L-7A is built to provide outstanding power and performance.It has the capability to rapidly lift and lower the mast in addition to tilting forward and backward which guarantees top conditions during loading/unloading operations. Whenever completely loaded, its mast lowering speed is delicately controlled ensuring safety via down control valve. Its entirely hydrostatic power steering system guarantees smooth and versatile steering
averting overrun and steering wheel kick-back. The OPSS (Operator Presence Sensing System) restricts certain functions when the operator is not in the normal position. It has a robust and efficient engine that supplies exceptional fuel consumption and significant torque.


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