hand pallet truck / hydraulic / multifunction / scale
SSS25L i-lift Equipment Ltd.



  • Operation:

    hand, hydraulic

  • Other characteristics:

    multifunction, scale, transport, steel, low-profile, for heavy-duty applications, long-fork

  • Load:

    2,500 kg (5,511.56 lb)


i-liftequip presents SSS25L mobile weighing cart. It has a patented single sensor mechanism (patent number is 6855894). The single sensor is fixed on top of the pallet jack A-frame. With this sensor, chassis deformation under load is measured. The sensor then converts this measurement into a weight indication in increments of 10 lb. The tolerance is 0.9% of total capacity.

The cart has several uses. These include basic check weighing, preventing overloads on lorries and warehouse racks, checking shipping weights, and confirming incoming goods. The cart provides significant time, cost and labor savings due to weighing during transportation.

SSS25L has several key features. It offers greater strength in comparison to normal scale pallet jacks. Due to no height increase, entry into pallets is easy. Its double fork design ensures there's no extra weight. It is ergonomic-friendly. As the sensor only checks deformation without taking load, there is no risk of it breaking by impact or overloading. Thanks to a single sensor, power consumption is reduced. It lasts 3x longer on one battery charge. On a single battery charge, it provides 4000 weighing actions. The cart shuts off automatically after 3 minutes.