optical spectrometer / NIR / robust / high-precision
i-RED Infrarot Systeme



  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    NIR, robust, high-precision

  • Field:


  • Wavelength:

    Max.: 2,600 nm

    Min.: 900 nm


Our FT-NIR Process Spectrometer is specially designed and optimized for industrial use. It meets the requirements of various industrial sectors and applications and is a mature solution for the control and optimization of your chemical and physical production processes. Convince yourself of its robustness, compactness, and performance stability!

+ Broad spectral range: 900 – 2600 nm (11000 – 3800 cm-1)
+ Excellent spectral resolution: 1.5 cm-1 (@ 10 measurements/s)
+ High signal-to-noise ratio: SNR > 10000
+ Unmatched performance stability through the use of a robust monolithic interferometer
+ Maximum long-term stability and reliability in continuous operation
+ No adjustment necessary
+ Maintenance-free hardware thanks to semiconductor laser as reference laser
+ High-speed data acquisition: up to 80 spectra and quality statements per second
+ Real-time data processing (DSP): FFT and chemometrics on system level
+ Freely programmable real-time chemometric evaluation engine
+ Integrated PLC for implementation of automated measurement procedures
+ Industrial Interfaces (e.g. CANopen)
+ Remote control and remote maintenance (LAN)
+ Miniaturization (frame size: 19-inch rack, 3U)
+ High flexibility in probes and light sources
+ Comprehensive support package