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Height-adjustable workstation / assembly
Multi Task System I IAC INDUSTRIES


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Heavy gauge verticals and tie beam at top of frame system
Half-length options are easy and convenient to adjust shift to shift if needed
Slots are on 1" increments center to center
If worksurface is adjustable, options move accordingly
Unlimited flexibility in arranging workstations to fit changing requirements
Three* posts provide two side-by-side accessory mounting areas
Options can be aligned or independently adjusted for maximum flexibility
Retrofits to most other workbenches
Smaller size frames easily mount to larger benches
IAC Industries’ MTS upper structure for stand alone workbenches enables users to configure above-the-worksurface storage and accessories into an organized, task-oriented working environment that will adjust up and down with the worksurface to which it is attached. MTS Systems are excellent for upgrading your existing benches on a budget.


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