interface software / control / CAM / data acquisition
ibaCapture-CAM-Server License iba AG



  • Function:

    interface, control, CAM, data acquisition, analysis

  • Applications:

    video camera, process


Video recording
Video stream recording

Technical data:

Capture-Server Basic-License for video capturing with
- Analog Camera (PAL/NTSC Systems)
- IP-Camera (Axis Type P13xx; Axis M7001 analog/ip-converter; others on request)
Video und data recording:
- Synchronized process data acquisition between video server and ibaPDA-Server
- Analysis and video display with ibaAnalyzer
Includes a ibaPDA-V6-Interface-Capture-CAM for a PDA-System
License Information:
Requires an extra interface-license for the type of video cameras to be connected:
- ibaCapture-CAM-4CAM License or
- ibaCapture-CAM-GigE License
For analog cameras an extra Frame Grabber Card is needed
Each PDA-System connected to an ibaCapture-CAM-Server requires an additional interface (ibaPDA-V6-interface-Capture-CAM)

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