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ibaLogic-V3 iba AG


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Graphical Signalmanager and Soft-PLC
Signal Pre-Processing and System Simulation and Soft PLC applications down to 1ms cycles

Technical Data:

Deterministic graphical real time runtime environment
Runs cycles down to 1ms with full IEC61131 conformity
Real time monitoring of all variables in animated graphical function plan
Can be programmed with the methods function block diagram, mathematical and structured text (ST) notation
Hierarchical design with unlimited hierarchies or plan size
Huge standard libraries (all IEC blocks + PID, FFT`s + + !)
Datatypes: BOOL, INT, DINT, REAL, LREAL, STRING, ARRAY (4-Dimensional)
Online delta compiling of user created FB´s and edited plans
Own code may be reused within C++ DLL framework
Online editing and non interrupted switching between online and HOTSWAP layer supported (for continuous processes)
Fully integrated compiler, assembler, linker, ST-compiler
Single and mult steps, oscilloscopes and Logic-analyzers
OPC server functionality for easy HMI integration
Supports PCI-cards ibaFOB-S, ibaFOB-X (no 32Mbit) and ibaCOM-L2B, Reflective Memory and Profibus Master.


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