disc brake / pneumatic / air-cooled
Extreme IBD Wickeltechnik GmbH



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  • Torque:

    1,500 Nm (1,106.3432 ft.lb)


User-friendly, with lower maintenance costs, compact and boasting unparalleled performance, Extreme is the new fully patented mono-disc pneumatic brake, designed to guarantee customer success.

1500 Nm of torque with 6 kW heat dissipation
In a brake, heat dissipation is the ability to get rid of the heat produced during continuous slipping. Thanks to a very high performance fan and a thoroughly designed self-ventilated disc, the Extreme brake can dissipate up to 6 kW while keeping the braking torque constant.

300 mm diameter, 140 mm thick
A revolutionary brake with extremely compact dimensions which allow it to be installed even in very small spaces.

Hours of operation
Careful design and an innovative ventilation system mean that Extreme guarantees more than 7 years of life for the pads, plus negligible maintenance costs.