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Steam cleaner / three-phase / mobile / degreasing
STEAMBIO 10000 SP IBL Specifik


  • Type:


  • Power source:


  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Pressure:

    12 bar (174.05 psi)


STEAMBIO 10000 MS is a steam steam degreasing industrial cleaner dry industrialwhich generates a steam dry Sub 12 bars and under high temperature (185 ° C), you can clean before disinfecting all surfaces and industrial installations.

THEApparatus for steam industrial degreasing is a machine designed for the cleaning and sanitation of surfaces, equipment and premises in an industrial way.

This steam cleaner has been designed for intensive use in the industry in order to treat the surfaces facilities or premises.

THEApparatus for cleaning steam industry STEAMBIO 10000 SP can be connected to a vacuum cleaner for optimal cleaning. Robust, compact and very easy to use, soon you can't do without!


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