Bunsen burner battery-powered
FIREBOY plus IBS - INTEGRA Biosciences


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The FIREBOY Safety Bunsen burner is designed to maximize safety by preventing the risk of gas leakage and resulting fire hazards. Flame monitoring prevents gas leakage if inadvertently extinguished.

This equipment provides a rapid and safe gas ignition--no lighter or matches needed. Automatic ignition by sensor, button or foot switch are integrated. It can be used with a wide range of gas cartridges, in order to be portable and independent from any gas distribution system.

The FIREBOY can be operated independently from power supply using a rechargeable battery. It automatically attempts to reignite the flame. If it fails to reignite, the gas valve is closed to prevent gas leakage. An automatic shut off after a user-defined maximum burner time eliminates any danger, in cases wherein the unit is unintentionally left on.


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