laboratory laboratory liquid suction system with vacuum pump / with vacuum pump / liquid


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    for laboratories, with vacuum pump, liquid


The VACUSIP has an integrated pump that runs silently and stops automatically when the vacuum is established. This prevents unnecessary pump operation and further reduces noise. Changing a filled collection bottle of VACUSIP is clean and convenient. Simply unscrew the green lid and attach an empty glass bottle or a plastic bottle for direct disposal. Due to its independence from an external vacuum source or power supply, it can be relocated wherever needed. When working in a safety cabinet, only a minimum of tubing and cable is desirable. Due to the rechargeable battery in VACUSIP, a power supply cable is not needed. In addition, VACUSIP is an ideal solution for the aspiration of small volumes of liquids up to 10 ml. Whenever supernatant or excess liquids need to be disposed, the VACUSIP makes short work of the process.