battery-powered pipette controller
PIPETBOY acu 2 IBS - INTEGRA Biosciences


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Integra is backed by over fifty years of liquid handling expertise and have a ton of products in use globally including this range of pipette controllers. These controllers have set the benchmark for accurate and efficiency serological pipetting. Adding to this, the next generation of PIPETBOY acu is backed by the latest technology, which is featherweight and quicker and renders a long operating time compared to its earlier version. Apart from these changes that help you considerably lower work times and enhance the ergonomic pipetting experience, the notable features of the PIPETBOY acu were kept intact.

These include the class leading pipetting accuracy, the vivid appeal and the weight balance. This simply means that the initial pipetting experience that just reached new heights. PIPETBOY acu 2 is engineered to be used with all commercially available serological pipettes that range from 1-100ml and is shielded by a sterile filter. Some of the features of PIPETBOY acu 2 include comfortable prolonged pipetting, strong and quite pump, well balanced and lightweight.