battery-powered pipette controller
PIPETBOY pro IBS - INTEGRA Biosciences


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The PIPETBOY pro has been designed following the recommendations of hand shape ergonomics. The result is an extra light pipettor of 190 grams that comfortably fits in the users hand and makes even prolonged pipetting effortless. To guarantee a firm grip of small and large pipettes alike, the pipette mount in the nose of the PIPETBOY pro has a special conical shape which can be inverted when a one or two ml pipette is used thus creating optimum stability. This product is powered by high-quality NiMH batteries (standard AAA type) that you can charge approximately one thousand times. When fully charged, the PIPETBOY pro can accomplish 4000 pipetting cycles of 25 ml each before it needs re-charging. Once the charge becomes nearly depleted, a red indicator light alerts the users when batteries need to be charged.