rotary arm stretch wrapper / automatic / pallet / with conveyor



  • Type:

    rotary arm

  • Operating mode:


  • Product applications:


  • Other characteristics:

    with conveyor

  • Height:

    2,400 mm


ICMI presents SPIN stretch-wrapping machine. It has two built-in roller conveyor infeed/outfeeds. It features Siemens S7 200 PLC control and LCD display. Both rotating arm and carriage have a soft start and adjustable speed. It features an interfacing for coupling infeed and outfeed lines.

LCD control display can be used for various wrapping modes, manual override, etc. Muting light beams are attached to the interlocked safety fences. It has a powered pre-stretching of film at a fixed ratio. The pre-stretch includes 4 sets of gears. Photocell provides automatic detection of load height. The machine detects any rotating arm obstacles.

SPIN has a device for automatic film gripping and cutting arm. It uses a hot wire system for film cutting. It has a unique non-wrapping via passing cycle. To avoid harmonic, it has power line filtering.