equipped electrical enclosure / wall-mounted / ABS / for low-voltage power distribution
IP65 Boxes with assembled and wired power sockets | PRYMA IDE ELECTRIC, S.L.



  • Type:


  • Configuration:


  • Material:


  • Application:

    for low-voltage power distribution

  • Other characteristics:

    pre-assembled, with electrical socket, IP67

  • Width:

    Max.: 310 mm

    Min.: 142 mm

  • Height:

    Max.: 688 mm

    Min.: 436 mm

  • Depth:

    Max.: 148 mm

    Min.: 124 mm


The IDE IP65 STAR COMPLET panels can be supplied with the power sockets and
protections assembled and wired.

A series of standard assemblies is offered, although any assembly combination can be supplied depending on installation-specific requirements, as there is no minimum

Wiring and cabling is performed according to the applicable product and installation regulations.

Power sockets are secured by means of stainless steel screws and an inner plastic nut, thus avoiding any contact between live parts.

The conductors used in the standard wiring are made of H07VK-type flexible copper, with TI-1-type flame-retardant PVC coating according to the UNE 50525-3 standard.

The M32 and M40 cable entries permit a safe connection between the different control lines according to the requirements of each case.

The degree of protection will be set according to the element with least protection in the unit.