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Through-beam photoelectric sensor / polarized retroreflective / laser / IP67


  • Sensing mode:

    through-beam, polarized retroreflective

  • Type of beam:


  • Other characteristics:

    IP67, miniature

  • Maximum range:

    30 m (98' 5")


Miniature Laser Photoelectric Switches (Built-in Amplifier)
Class 1 laser. Fastest response in its class. Reliably detects fast-moving objects.Light source is a red laser (Class 1 by IEC60825-1, 2007). Laser beams with high degree of straightness achieve a long sensing range (30 m maximum).
Response speed of 250μs is the fastest in its class. Reliably detects fast moving small objects.
The visible beam ensures easy and reliable positioning.
IP67 structure can be used in environments exposed to dust or water. Operating temperature: 55°C maximum.
Aligning the optical axis is easy because the lens unit is fixed on the housing (through-beam/polarized retroreflective).
Light ON/Dark ON mode is selectable.
Cable (1m, 2m, 5m cable) or M8 connector.
CE marked.
Compliant with Class 1 of FDA regulations (according to Laser Notice No. 50).


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