Cubic photoelectric sensor / high-speed
2 m, IP 66 | SA1A/SA1B IDEC USA


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SA1A and SA1B are high-speed, compact photoelectric sensors, available in a wide array of configurations, they are perfect for installations with minimal clearances.

Transparent objects can be detected using the diffuse-reflected light sensing. Configured with NPN or PNP transistor output, with light on or dark on. (In the presence or absence of the object).
Key Features

Ideal for installations with broad or narrow clearances
Available with through-beam between the projector and receiver, which features a sensing range of 6 to 6-3/4" (2m)
Sensing by diffuse-reflected light available, with a sensitivity adjustment for eliminating the interference of background light
Through-beam and diffuse-reflected light sensors are featured in all configurations
Adverse results and circuit damage are avoided through protection from reverse polarity
High-speed, 1ms response time
Automatic reset with power-up
Protection rated IP66


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