Surveillance camera / full-color / CMOS / USB 2.0
UI-1580LE IDS Imaging Development Systems


  • Function:


  • Spectrum:


  • Sensor:


  • Interface:

    USB 2.0

  • Other characteristics:

    megapixel, digital, printed circuit, full HD


The UI-1580LE is fitted with the 5 megapixel CMOS sensor (MT9P006STC - color version) from Aptina. About half an inch in size, the sensor delivers a resolution of 2560 x 1920 pixels as well as rolling and global start shutter features. Thanks to the innovative A-Pix pixel technology, the sensor is extremely sensitive to light, which makes it an affordable alternative to many CCD sensors currently available on the market. This also makes the camera particularly suitable for applications that require maximum precision in color rendering and crystal clear image quality. The A-Pix pixel technology from Aptina is based on the gathering of light by a lightguide, which directs the gathered incident light from the color filter to the surface of the photo diode. Structure and process improvements in pixel technology have increased the sensitivity of the sensor in the red and green range in particular by up to 30% compared to the previous version of the sensor.

Monochrome version: UI-1480LE


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