partially enclosed drag chain / snap-open / fully-enclosed / plastic
E4.1 series igus®


  • Type:

    partially enclosed, snap-open, fully-enclosed

  • Material:



Infused with all the best features of the E4/00 and E4/4, the E4.1 is a two-side snap chain, perfect for every application requiring the design principle of the stop dogs, grove and the tongue combination. It is mainly used for interlocking side links to help with lateral stability, to provide high shearing force whenever heavy and long transportation is required and to deliver large unsupported lengths. The design feature of the chain also includes noise dampening brake and rubber dampers to lessen noise level during operation. Easy installation with or without camber is provided for inner and outer links. The dirt-repellant, smooth and wear resistant surface of the chain enhances its longevity and durability.


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