partially enclosed drag chain / plastic / spool-type / roller
e-spool igus®



  • Type:

    partially enclosed

  • Material:


  • Other characteristics:

    spool-type, roller, diagonal

  • Displacement speed:

    1 m/s (3.28 ft/s)


e-spool - Multi-Energy-Spool
Instruct various wires within really slim areas. e-spool distinctively includes a pair of diverse power source devices: A single conventional e-chain® will be directed from a single curler and offers whenever a right duration and pressure from the power source device using an incorporated holding spring. Within the beginning placed the chainis in fact completely retracted to conserve room. A twisterband links the actual roller using the shaft block, that will functions as a good interface towards the completely installed wires.
An absense of tensile weight from the wires
Various media and diameters in a single drum attainable
Power source attainable everywhere (flat, vertical, angled … all likely in a single string)
Space-saving, no "chain junction"
With no reduced run remains behind, the routes stay free
Wire diameter approximately 16 mm

Application areas:
Cherry pickers, stage programs | apps, drugstore organizing plants

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