heating strip
BM/BDM/RAM series Ihne & Tesch

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heating strip heating strip - BM/BDM/RAM series


  • Type:


  • Maximum temperature:

    450 °C (842 °F)


Technical Data
Types: BM: Flat Heater
BDM: Flat Heater with steel pressure plate (solid combined together)
RAM: Frame Heater with steel clamp frame, internal band (Heater) 2 parts, diagonally split, solidly joined with the Heater on the connection side, loose on the counter side, 2 connections or interconnected with opposite for one connection
Material: Stainless steel
Steel pressure plate (5 mm or 8 mm thick)
Operating temperature: up to 450°C max
measured at surface of heated side
Load: up to 5 W/cm² max.
Operating voltage: 230/250V others on request
Deposit: BM: approx 5 mm (only Heater)
BDM: approx. 13 mm (Heater with 8 mm steel pressure plate)
RAM: Approx 13 mm (Heater with 8 mm clamp frame)
Minimum dimension: BM/BDM 80x38mm (length x width)
RAM 80x80x38 mm (length x width x height)
Maximum dimension: B/BD 1000x350 mm
(length x width)
Width from 38 mm/50 mm in 10 mm steps
RA 500x500x250mm (length x width x heigth)
Heigth from 38 mm/50 mm in 10 mm steps
Connection: with clamp, plug or leads
Clamp gap type RAM: each side min 6 mm
Fixing holes: Diameter 6 mm for M5 thread Diameter 7 mm for M6 thread Diameter 9 mm for M8 thread Diameter 11 mm for M10 thread Diameter 13 mm for M12 thread (for optimum contact with the heated surface)
Position and distribution: 15 mm from edge and with maximum separation in x-y axis from 130 mm
RAM Frame Heater fixing: By hexagon head screws on all 4 corners or with L-shape at 2 corners diagonal