drying oven / truck-in / chamber / UV
max. 550 °C | TRUS/S series Ihne & Tesch



  • Function:


  • Configuration:

    truck-in, chamber

  • Heat source:



Application for TRUS/S Pre-Heating Ovens and Dryers

Optimum design and construction to customer specification

Dryer for solvent-based materials, e. g.: mould varnish etc to UVV VBG 24 (chamber and continuous dryers)
Recessed bottom rails for use with loading trolley
Rails for drawers and loading trolleys
Door window
Ports for sensors
Temperature controlled, electrically adjustable slide valve for circulated and fresh air
Door/s in front and back of dryer
Modular manufacture of larger dryers for local assembly
Time relay for drying time, with optical and acoustic signal at end of operation. Door limit switch resets time relay
Temperature control (up to 15 programmes) if necessary with single or multi channel chart recorder for actual temperature recording
Loading space at the front with double layer roller door incl. dead man control and rolling security to UVV
Dryer with supports and rails in the chamber for the preheating of acryl sheet for subsequent forming
Available with interior door release and emergency light according to machine directive 89/392/EWG 89