drying oven / truck-in / chamber / electric
max. 140 °C | TRUS Ihne & Tesch


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    truck-in, chamber

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Pre-heating as well as drying the thermoplastic granulate also improves the flow behaviour and increases plastification and product quality. TRUS 15, 30, 60 and 160 Pre-heating ovens and dryers. Can pre-heat plastics and rubber parts by using the optional electronic temperature control. They are also suitable for relieving parts following forming. Preheating of tools, moulds, pumps and machine nozzles is also possible. Air circulation is by blowers. All shelves are subject to full air flow. Non hydroscopic polymers, e.g. PE, PS and PP can build up surface moisture caused by condensation usually caused by poor storage conditions, large storage temperature differentials and high humidity. Preheating removes this condensed moisture from the granulate. The Ovens are robustly made and simple to handle. They work reliably and silent. Good insulation saves energy. The design and construction of special ovens is always available upon request. The ovens are designed exactly for specific applications. Our guarantee does not necessaraly cover failure in service as we have no control or influence over operating conditions. We also except no responsibilty for subsequential loss!