sample preparation cable cutter
Kabelschneider zur Probenvorbereitung von harten Materialen iiM AG measurement + engineering



  • Other characteristics :

    for sample preparation

  • Diameter:

    Max.: 80 mm

    Min.: 15 mm


Device details:
Save up to ⅔ measuring uncertainty with well prepared samples
■ Quick and efficient cut
■ Thin, evenly and parallel cut samples with a smooth surface
■ Is a ideal complement to ORC65 and ORC150
■ First ORC device which cuts sectors with ease
■ LED light to illuminate the cutting process

Area of application:
■ Sample preparation according to IEC 60811
■ Quick and efficient cut of hard materials (PE, XLPE) with an outer diameter up to max. 80 mm (3.15“)
■ Optimal cable preparation device for measurements with offline cable measurement devices
■ Use of the Cable O-Ring Cutter is essential for your Quality Management
■ Compact and light device to easily use in laboratories and production halls