magnetic laboratory agitator / digital / for beakers / hot plate
RET control-visc series IKA



  • Type:


  • Display:


  • Product applications:

    for beakers

  • Other characteristics:

    hot plate, stainless steel

  • Rotational speed:

    Max.: 1700 rpm (10681.42 rad.min-1)

    Min.: 50 rpm (314.16 rad.min-1)


PATENTED WORLD FIRST: Safety magnetic stirrer with heating and integrated balance. Clear, multilingual TFT display makes it easy to set all parameters.
Integrated temperature control feature enables connection of a temperature probe, placed directly in the medium, to control medium temperature with a high degree of precision. PT 100 temperature sensor is included. The stainless steel composite hot plate with white ceramic coating, reaching a temperature of 340 °C, enables rapid heating and very good chemical resiatance.
RS 232 and USB interfaces enable pc control of the magnetic stirrer and documentation of all test parameters. "Lock" function prevents inadvertent changes of speed and temperature settings. As a safety feature, the current temperature is displayed when the unit is switched off but surface is still hot. Below 50 °C the display turns off automatically.
BNC socket for connection of a pH electrode
Adjustable temperature control mode: rapid heating and very accurate temperature control
Dual sensor for simultaneous control of heat transfer fluid temperature and medium temperature
Timer and countdown functions
Display of viscosity change trend
Detached magnet detection
Intermittent operation
Several modes of operation available
Safety circuit adjustable from 50 to 380°
Transparent protective cover included
Error code display for easy troubleshooting
Exact temperature and speed adjustment by means of digital display; even when function switched off
Suitable for unsupervised operation
Sealed casing (IP 42) ensures a long service life