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Flow wrappers bagging machine / H-FFS / MAP / with modified atmospheric packaging
max. 150 p/min | Delta 3000 HSR Ilapak


  • Type:

    H-FFS, flow wrappers

  • Other characteristics:

    with modified atmospheric packaging, MAP


The Delta 3000 HSR is the "inverted" version of the 3000 HS, in which the film is fed from the bottom, a requirement for some products. It is designed for applications requiring robust and reliable hermetic seals with laminated and co-extruded barrier films and high-speed throughput. It is a flexible flowrapping machine ideally suited for a wide range of food and non-food industries, with throughput speeds of up to 150 ppm, with or without MAP. Its main features include PC-controlled electronic multi-axis technology, variable cut-off length, no product/no bag, misplaced product detection system and automatic size-change functions.


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