piston dosing dispenser / for lubricants
DPX I.L.C. srl



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    for lubricants


FeaturesDISCHARGE/STROKE FOR SINGLE OUTLET 25 mm³ - 45 mm³ - 75 mm³ - 105 mm³NUMBER OF METERING ELEMENTS FROM 3 TO 12OPERATING PRESSURE FROM 15 bar TO 300 barOPERATING TEMPERATURE FROM -20° C TO +100° CDIVIDER MATERIAL GALVANISED STEELN°. CYCLES PER MINUTE MAXIMUM 300 The DPX system doses lubricant with a progres- sive piston movement. Every piston controls the following one in a sequence obtained through a single delivery flow. This system is highly qualified for dosing oil and grease to one or more journals or bearing. Each piston is in series with the component before or the one after it and therefore malfunctioning of one of these causes stopping of the sequence and consequently inhibiting of the system. This inhibition occurs also during any external clog- ging or when unused outlet are plugged.INLET 1/8” GasDELIVERIES M10X1FIXING SCREWS M5X30LUBRICANTS MIN. OILS 15 cSt - MAX. GREASE NLGI 2CONTROL DEVICES VISUAL AND ELECTRIC INDICATING CYCLE AND OVERPRESSUREMAIN LINES PIPES Ø 8-6SECONDARY LINES PIPES Ø 6-4