Pre-assembled electrical distribution box
FM series ILME

This chapter illustrates the technical characteristics of FM enclosures for distribution
boards and of ILME industrial socket-outlets for which these enclosures are
It is possible to use SQ interlocked socket-outlets for industrial use (with or without
protection devices), simple flush-mounting Pluso socket-outlets (without interlock)
and compartments for modular units.
These components enable to configure a wide range of distribution boards, both
mass-produced (AS) and custom-made (ANS), suitable to meet all possible installation
FM enclosures for distribution boards offer tested reliability and can be used, in combination
with FM socket-outlets for industrial use, as integrated modular systems to
configure distribution boards for industrial socket-outlets. Distribution boards with
ILME enclosures and socket-outlets can be installed in:
- Industrial applications
- Services applications (commercial, exhibitions, etc.)
- Agricultural and livestock breeding applications
- Residential and similar applications (i.e. common areas of condominiums, cellars,
garages, community buildings, kitchens, etc.).


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