Laser diode driver
max. 500 mA | LDX-3620B ILX Lightwave

* Battery operated dual range 200 mA/500 mA laser diode current source
* <100 nA rms noise in battery mode
* Better than 10 ppm stability over one hour
* Constant current and constant power operating modes
* Laser diode protection and error detection circuits protect laser diodes in all operating modes
* Long life batteries allow operation up to 16 hours without charging
* Battery charge mode with front panel charge level indicator

The LDX-3620B is a battery powered, ultra low noise current source, optimized for narrow linewidth or stable wavelength laser diode applications. The all new instrument provides a precision current output with <100 nA rms noise and <10ppm stability. The current source can be operated in one of two output ranges in constant current or constant power operating modes. Additionally, two AC or DC coupled modulation inputs, fine and coarse, can control the current source for precise laser diode wavelength or linewidth tuning with a bandwidth up to a 1 MHz.

All of ILX Lightwaves proven laser diode protection features are designed into each model, which include adjustable current limits, a fl oating output, shoring relays, slow turn-on circuits, and
transient protection during power up and laser operation. Error indicators help resolve set up problems quickly such as open circuit and power limits.


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