mechanical dynamometer / portable / tension/compression / compact



  • Type:


  • Options and accessories:

    portable, tension/compression, compact

  • Rated force:

    Max.: 300 N

    Min.: 20 N


Models of the UKT/UKK series are tension/compression mechanical force gauges, manufactured by IMADA. The products designed in minimal sizes, two-thirds the standard type gauge.

The UKT series is used for tension while the UKK is for compression. The models are equipped with peak hold function, including zero adjustment for tare weight.

Units of the series feature 20-N to 300-N capacity, with +/- 0.3%FS accuracy. They are offered in compression and tension testing, which N model, kgf model and lbf model are available. They can operate with 0 to +40 °C temperature, sport 100 lines of divisions, and weigh approximately 300 g. They exhibit reading methods of real-time track or peak-hold.

The UKT series consist of 4 kinds of attachment tensions, while the the UKK series includes 5 kinds of attachment for compression. It also contains inspection certificates, instruction manuals and carrying cases provided in the accessories.