digital force gauge / portable / tension/compression / with external sensor
Sensor separated ZTS series IMADA



  • Type:


  • Options and accessories:

    portable, tension/compression, with external sensor

  • Rated force:

    Max.: 20,000 N

    Min.: 2 N


ZTS separated sensor model is a set of an indicator and an external sensor (load cell). You can select a desired load cell from wide range of load cells such as waterproof, wide temperature range, pen shape, and more. We offer approx. 50 kinds of load cells to fit your needs.
Since you can operate ZTS indicator apart from a load cell, it is perfect for measuring under special circumstances such as dangerous/narrow/dusty/watery and the like.
Or you can integrate the load cell into a manufacture line since it offers various outputs for controlling external devices such as OK/NG judgement, Peak hold, Overload.
*ZTS separated sensor model has the same functions and performance (except accuracy) as ZTS basic model of force gauge.

1. If you have a specific measuring purpose and do not basically change load cells, we recommend the ZTS separated sensor model.
2. If you have a wide range of measuring purposes and need 2 or more load cells, we recommend another amplifier, sensor interchangeable model; eZT series.
-What’s the merit of the ZTS separated sensor model compared to eZT? It is “accuracy.”
- The ZTS offers higher accuracy than eZT does; +/-0.2%F.S.
(The final accuracy is determined by a load cell combined with this amplifier.)
- We offer an inspection certificate by force data for free.
Optionally we can offer the calibration certificate if you need.
See the catalog or our web page for further information.

- Accuracy: +/-0.2%F.S.+/-1digit
- Sampling rate: 2000Hz

We have confidence to offer the best force testing solution using know-how accumulated over 70 years.
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