PC based machine vision system
1.66 GHz | VisionBox AGE-X IMAGO Technologies GmbH


The VisionBox AGE-X provides all necessary functions to setup a PC based machine vision system. The fanless and sturdy box supports GigE vision and a fast (1.000 Mbit/s) Ethernet connection together with practical functions like integrated LED lighting control, digital IO and incremental encoder input. Powered by 24VDC the box can be mounted into a machine – analogical to a PLC. No mechanical storage device is used, data and the Windows 7 embedded OS are stored on a Compact Flash Card. Nevertheless the user can store huge amount of images with the connection of an external SATA hard drive.
IMAGO offers the embedded box together with peripherals like lighting, optics, cameras and machine integration. Due to the long experience of IMAGO in the area of embedded machine vision computer and intelligent cameras the main advantage is that IMAGO engineers understand all details of a machine vision application, the data flow, the integration of cameras and the real time requirements.

* Computing power Intel Atom D510, 1.66 GHz
* 3x GigE Interface (1x LAN, 2x Camera)
* 2x Camera power supply, 2x trigger
* 6x USB 2.0 interface
* 8/8 digital I/Os
* 2x LED flash control
* RS422 inkremental encoder
* External SATA harddisk interface
* fanless, internal Compact Flash Card
* Operatingsystem MS Windows 7 embedded


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