band sawing machine / semi-automatic / with cooling system / double-column
CSM 1200-2000 IMAS



  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    semi-automatic, with cooling system, double-column, hydraulic

  • Round piece diameter:

    1,200 mm


The CSM 1200/2000 model is a semi-automatic horizontal band saw developed by Imas. It is equipped with blades in dimensions of 80 x 1.6 x 13,460 mm, with a motor of 11 kW/1500 d/dk. The horizontal band saw uses a 0.09 kW/1500 d/dk feeding motor, a 3 kw/1500 d/dk hydraulic pump motor, and a 0.12 kW/3000 d/dk cooling liquid motor. It has a maximum power of 14.21 kW.