gas shrink tunnel / electric / for heat-shrink sleeves / large-format
Imbal Stock Srl



  • Type:

    gas, electric

  • Specifications:

    for heat-shrink sleeves, large-format, for labels, compact, for food, double-chamber, for plastic bottles, hot air


Shrink Tunnels have the function to retract the plastic film coming out of the packing machines and make it adherentto the product.
New technical solutions with reduced environmental impact, have enabled us to design a "Shrink Tunnel" fueled by methane gas.
Compared to the traditional version, powered by electricity, it allows to reduce air pollution caused by fossil fuels, used in power production and to obtain substantial savings on the "energy bill", especially in countries where the cost of gas is less than electricity.
The new tunnel IMBAL STOCK guarantee optimal results s, Security System CEE.
Applications: PP, PPT, PTE

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