Plaster sprayer
8 - 20 l/min | Koine 3, 3L IMER International SPA


Single-phase motor - Control panel with exclusive IMER 3 speed inverter and material fl ow rate of 8-11-15 l/min (Koine 3) / 11-15-20 l/ min (Koine 3L) - User-friendly controls with red led display - Standard hour meter - Exclusive IMER diaphragm compressor for lower maintenance - Self-priming water pump with stainless steel casing and brass impeller - Brass water system - Tiltable mixing chamber and quick screw-stator changing - Can be disassembled into 4 modules for easy transport - 4 wheels and 2 hooks for easier on-site handling - Safety devices according to the latest CE standards.

Choose Koine 3:
for mixing and spraying premixed materials in bags.
Choose Koine 3L:
for mixing and spraying premixed plasters, insulating plasters and lightened materials.

Standard Equipment

Electric diaphragm compressor
Truncated-cone hopper with mixing chamber
Standard mixer (Koine 3)
Mixer for lightened materials (Koine 3L)
Removable bag breaker grid (Koine 3)
Higher capacity breaker grid + 20 litres (Koine 3L)
Gearbox motor for mixing and pumping
ECO-STAR stator and screw (Koine 3)
D 8-1.5 ECO stator and screw (Koine 3L)
Material delivery pressure gauge
Control panel with inverter
Self-priming water pump
Water system with fl ow meterv
4 wheels (2 pivoting wheels, 1 of which with brake)
20 m electric cable with 16 A plug
20 m water hose Ø 13 mm
16 m air hose Ø 13 mm
15 m hose for material Ø 25 mm
Spray nozzle
Defl ectors for premixed materials
Metal accessory box
Washing sponge
Remote pneumatic control


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