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Plaster sprayer
Koine 4, 5 IMER International SPA


Higher than average motor power rate with continuous S1 service - Exclusive IMER diaphragm compressor - Self-priming water pump with stainless steel casing and brass impeller - brass water system, optimised electric control panel with only one 18.5 kW oversized contactor - Safety devices according to the latest CE standards.

Choose Koine 4/5:
for mixing and spraying premixed materials in bags or from silo (limecement base plasters, gypsum, insulations).

Standard Equipment

* Electric diaphragm compressor
* Self-priming water pump
* Electric supply and control panel
* Stator and Screw D6-3
* Nr. 40 m electric cable
* Nr. 40 m water hose
* 15 m hose for material Ø 25 with cam couplings
* 16 m air hose Ø 13 with Geka couplings
* Accessory box with gun and connectors
* Cleaning accessories (scraper and sponge)
* Preset for self-levelling screed kit


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