mortar spraying machine / plaster
Small 50 IMER International SPA


  • Application:

    for mortar, plaster


Electric panel with exclusive IMER inverter for top performance and wide range of fl ow rate - Motor with 3 levels of protection - Safety devices according the latest CE standards - Exclusive range of accessories for the widest variety of applications.

Choose Small 50:
for spraying traditional mortar and premixed plasters, premixed thixotropic products, waterproofing products, smoothing and colured products, coatings with paints; for filling joints; for strengthening injections.

Standard Equipment

* Electric supply and control panel
* Stainless steel hopper
* Rotor and stator D8 1.5 ECO
* Electric remote control with 16 m cable
* 20 m electric supply cable
* Arranged for pneumatic control
* Arranged for vibrating grid
* Pressure gauge unit
* Accessory box

Optional Accessories

* Premixed / traditional mortar kit
* Injection kit
* Spacing and smoothing kit
* Painting kit
* Vibrating grid
* Diaphragm compressor
* Piston compressor
* Bag crusher roller
* Radio control
* Hopper stainless steel cover