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Electrochemical dissolved oxygen sensor
0 - 20 mg/l | Clark cell In-Situ


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The In-Situ® Clark cell dissolved oxygen (DO) sensor is a polarographic sensor that contains replaceable membrane and filling solution. Clark cell sensors measure DO indirectly through an electrochemical reaction.

In-Situ offers 1-mil and 2-mil Teflon® membranes to suit your application requirements.

As an alternative to the Clark cell sensor, use the technologically advanced RDO® optical DO sensor.

Use the Clark cell DO sensor with the TROLL® 9500 water quality instrument. The following TROLL 9500 configurations are available:

TROLL 9500 sub-2" instrument outfitted with Clark cell sensor, turbidity/pressure sensor, conductivity, pH/ORP sensors, and one ISE sensor
TROLL 9500 sub-2" low-flow sampling system


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