chain conveyor / for bottles / horizontal
IND-Trans series INDEX-6



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    for bottles

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The IND -Trans series, INDEX 6 conveyors , buffer systems and auxiliary equipment provide container conveyance between separate technological processes. These processes may include bottle blow molding, depalletizing, rinsing, filling, closing, labeling, group-packing and palletizing.

The unit comprises plate conveyors both straight and turning which aids in transportation of glass, plastic and metal containers. The IND- trans 71 series offers buffer systems with multi - lane straight and turning conveyors which offers precised speed regulation, smooth and continuous line operation and minimal downtime. Loading and unloading rotating tables is easy with no blowing or group packing.

The unit also offers rejection devices for automatic separation of goods from the non good production like weight defects, vacuum defects etc. Alternatively, the air conveyors of IND - Trans 71 aero series aid in transportation of PET and HDPE bottles.

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