AC/AC power supply / closed frame / high-power / for induction heating
Inverter LSS 7,5kW Inductoheat Europe GmbH



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    closed frame, high-power, for induction heating, digital


Inductoheat has combined advanced technology with more than 70 years of induction heating experience to produce the LSS Digital. The "Expert Tune" feature helps assure maximum power over a wide range of loads.

The LSS Digital features a digital display panel to control its operation. The digital meters display percentage, actual and maximum values for power, current, voltage and frequency. An alphanumeric display provides operating status and tuning information.


The LSS Digital combines the best of modern control design with Inductoheats proven and reliable induction heating technology to provide the best solution for:

- brazing
- annealing
- shrink fitting
- soldering
- tempering
- coating
- hardening
- melting
- epitaxial growth
- bonding