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ReS-3 Indusco Solution Sp. z o.o.

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blasting helmet blasting helmet - ReS-3


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The sandblast helmet ReS-3 was designed for the respiratory and face protection of persons at the sandblasting workstations. The viewfinder has two flat glasses:

The first (3 mm thick) glass from the face side made of polycarbonate, characterized by high impact resistance,
The second track consists of ordinary glass (2 mm thick) glued under with anti-spray film.

The viewfinder was additionally secured from the outside with a metal net. Glasses, frame, mesh, frame fixing nuts, gaskets and apron of the helmet are removable. Opening the viewfinder to replace a glass or metal mesh does not cause splitting of the helmet.


The sandblasting helmet ReS-3 was equipped with a cape and a flow indicator. The helmet is intended for sandblasting. It should be completed with the control system and the air conditioning.