hand-held fume extractor / welding / cartridge
800 and 12 Industrial Maid



  • Mobility:


  • Applications:


  • Filter type:


  • Output:

    1,500 ft³/min, 4,000 ft³/min, 2,000 ft³/min (42 m³/min)


Models PFC8 and PFC12 are the portable fume extractor. They are specially designed for source capture of welding fumes, grinding dust, plasma smoke and other nuisance dust applications.
The greatest feature of these portable fume extractors is a flexible, spark-proof Z-Max fume extraction arm. It is designed for capturing fumes and dust at a distance between 30cm and 50 cm (12-20") from the source and within an area of 0.5m (20") diameter. Different sizes of the welding fume arms are available. With the diameter of 6 or 8 and lengths of 7, 10 or 14. The arms feature a yellow hood with optimized airflow, simple exterior support joints, ring positioning handle and built-in damper.
The unique Filter Hammer sonic cleaning system is the leading edge technology that guarantees the best performances of the fume extractors and give a long cartridge filter service life.
The system cleaning is very easy with a simple pneumatic push button cleaning system that needs compressed air connection and sealed dust tray. They also offer a sufficient airflow for the heaviest welding and grinding operations.

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