surveillance camera / thermal imaging / NIR / microbolometer
320X Infrared Cameras Inc. (ICI)



  • Function:

    surveillance, thermal imaging

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The ICI 320X Infrared Camera Core consists of an Uncooled IR detector to detect LWIR(Long Wave Infrared) and a Circuit Board for Imaging Processing etc., which can be used as the core for IR cameras. It provides high quality infrared images by detecting infrared radiation of 7-14µm from objects and its ambience.

ICI 320x Thermal Camera Core Highlights
320X240 microbolometer provides high quality image resolution.
(.065) thermal sensitivity for the best image resolution available.
Temperature measurement up to 500C making this camera perfect for firefighting applications.
Single point temperature measurement up to 500C
Video output in black & white or color palettes
Inverted palette capability
Automatic and manual Level and Span control (Brightness and Contrast)
2X and 4X digital zoom function Small footprint for mounting the unit in areas with limited space.
30Hz frame rate for real time thermal imaging and temperature measurement.
Plug and play capability provides ease of use.
Perfect for surveillance applications

Environmental Enclosures