thermal imaging camera / infrared / CCD / microbolometer
3 - 5 µm | Mirage P-Series Infrared Cameras Inc. (ICI)



  • Function:

    thermal imaging

  • Spectrum:


  • Sensor:

    CCD, microbolometer

  • Other characteristics:



Perhaps the most sensitive thermal imaging camera in the world, the Mirage P-Series © provides outstanding electronics with the most sensitive detector available anywhere. The 320 x 256* Indium Antomonide detector provides the very best in quantum efficiency when compared with any other detector material. Our heavy duty long life Stirling cooler was initially designed for space applications. Its design life is double that of most coolers or cameras in the same class. Combined with our IR Flash real time analysis software and you have a very powerful tool.

This system is extremely simple to operate. Simply install our software, plug in the power cord and the USB 2.0 cable, and you are ready to go to work. Digital or standard NTSC outputs, USB 2.0, or Ethernet is available. The system is fully customizable for your application.

The Mirage P-Series © is the perfect system for scientific laboratory applications, medical imaging applications, or outdoor security applications. This camera system provides the ultimate in thermal sensitivity. If you are looking for a simple cost effective system for lab work or long range analysis, the Mirage© is the perfect thermal imaging system.