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T-Feed Ingersoll Cutting Tools



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Ingersoll T-Feed has been designed for extreme feed rate turning.

T-Feed makes use of double-sided technology and features cutting edges. It lowers the cycle time and provides higher productivity. There are several economical advantages offered by double-sided inserts in comparison to other inserts in the market. It has an enhanced chip breaker geometry, which has been developed for machining at high feed rates up to .118 inches per revolution (3mm/rev). It has a positive, yet robust cutting edge. This lowers the cutting forces and results in very smooth cutting action.

T-Feed uses the chip thinning technology, which reduces notching at the depth of cut region, thereby increasing tool life. It offers a maximum feed rate of .118ipr and maximum machining depth of .100". It features an innovative and patented 3-dimensional seat design that works in parallel with the rest pads on insert. This results in greater clamping stability.

Ingersoll's innovative clamping technique eliminates any chip interruption. This results in better chip management. It has a lever lock system that features a quick changeover and a strong clamping force. The hooked lever design results in higher clamping force.