shell-end milling cutter / solid carbide / insert / face
DiPosTetra™ 1TJ1D Ingersoll Cutting Tools



  • Geometry:


  • Construction:

    solid carbide, insert

  • Type:

    face, finishing, shoulder

  • Treated material:

    for steel, for cast iron, for aluminum, for titanium

  • Other characteristics:

    cutting edge, with internal coolant

  • Diameter :

    Max.: 2 in

    Min.: 0.63 in


Small Diameter Indexable End Mills with 4 Edge Economy - A Great Solid Carbide Alternative!
Features and Benefits
Unique insert & pocket design that accommodates 4 cutting edges and wide seating surface for utmost cutting edge support and durability
90° shoulder mills & backdraft finishing cutter design styles
Fine pitch densities promote high productivity in iron and hi-temp alloys
Coarse pitch density and high positive rake angles promote low cutting forces on small platform machines
Concave face design accommodates aggressive ramp, corkscrew, and drill-mill functions
Diverse adaption selection designed to accommodate any machine setup....including knee mills.
All cutters ported with coolant through

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