Bevel gear reducer / right angle
max. 380 Nm | KL series INKOMA, ALBERT

INKOMA-spiral bevel gear units type KL are fitted with Klingelnberg spiral bevel gears to provide efficient transmission of very high torque loads. They ensure quiet, vibration free running and, due to their symetrical layout, have extremely compact dimensions.

INKOMA-spiral bevel gear units are manufactured in high quality grey cast iron. All mounting faces are precisely machined.

INKOMA-spiral bevel gear units incorporate a newly patented feature allowing minimal backlash to be economically achieved. The clearance in the gears can be simply adjusted without the need for disassembly. For all normal applications INKOMA-spiral bevel gear units are lubricated for life. Only in cases of particlularly high speeds is there a need to provide special lubrication and gearbox ventilation.

In addition to the catalogue listed options there are other versions and ratios available. Please consult our engineers or your local sales office.


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