Cubic worm gear screw jack / translating screw / traction


  • Type:

    cubic worm gear, translating screw

  • Other characteristics:


  • Load:

    Min.: 2.5 kN

    Max.: 500 kN


The NKOMA-precision screw jacks are specifically designed to provide highly precise lifting, lowering and pivoting of loads. These units feature a cubic housing (machined on all sides) made out of high quality grey cast iron and aluminum, ensuring excellent durability and long service without any need for maintenance (under normal operating conditions). The motor and screw jack assemblies were designed for installation in any position, while the unique form of the worm gearing helps reduce inter-gear specific pressures, and further improves durability. The worm unit is made out of hardened and ground alloy steel of top quality. These units feature matched spindle pitch and gear ratio, single start precision screws (self-locking), but are also available with a selection of ball screw options (better lifting speed, compared to trapezoidal units), due to safety regulations.


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