translating screw jack / high-performance


  • Type:

    translating screw

  • Other characteristics:


  • Load:

    Min.: 25 kN

    Max.: 1000 kN


INKOMA-screw jack is available with oil lubrication and also cooling fins. These in combination will add a whole new dimension to both the range and scope of the screw jacks programme. The device is usable in demanding and harsh environments and provides excellent performance. It is made from high quality material and by carefully using design techniques. The device uses gray cast iron and is robust. It comes with a properly recessed oil level indicator and ventilation screw. Its fixing faces are machined carefully. The surface area is enhanced by cooling fins which are orientated with the spindle. This helps in achieving optimum level of heat dissipation.

INKOMA-screw jack comes with lifting spindle which may be trapezoidal or ballscrew. The spindle is driven using the worm wheel via hardened and ground gears. These pars have optimal shape and design. Radial loads on the lifting spindle are supported by needle rollers instead of plain bushes. This ensures longevity.