Bevel gear reducer / right-angle
max. 380 Nm | KL series INKOMA, ALBERT


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The INKOMA-spiral bevel gear unit type KL comes with the Klingelnberg spiral bevel gear which provides superior transmission of extremely high torque levels. These units provide quiet vibration free running and because of their symmetrical layout, they have unusually compact dimensions. The INKOMA spiral gear units are made using high quality cast iron and all mounting faces have been precisely machined. The INKOMA-spiral bevel gear unit also incorporates a newly patented feature which allows minimal backlash to be economically achieved. The gear clearance can be adjusted simply without having need for disassembly. For all regular applications the INKOMA-spiral bevel gears come lubricated for their entire life span. Only in situation of extremely high speeds is there need to provide special lubrication and gearbox ventilation. Added to the catalogue listed options there are additional versions that are available. For more information contact you local sales office engineers.


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