pure nitrogen generator / ultra high-purity / process / laboratory
IMT PN NKAT Series INMATEC GaseTechnologie



  • Gas characteristics:

    pure, ultra high-purity

  • Domain:

    process, laboratory

  • Other characteristics:

    PSA, membrane, onsite, medium flow rate, high-flow, compact, low flow rate, mobile

  • Flow rate:

    Max.: 10,000 m³/h (353,146.667 ft³/h)

    Min.: 0.5 m³/h (17.657 ft³/h)

  • Output pressure:

    7 bar (101.53 psi)


Nitrogen from 0,50 Nm³/h - 10.000,00 Nm³/h
Nitrogen purity from 99,5% up to 99,9999% (6.0) / 1 ppm (residual oxygen)

IMT NKat: Nitrogen purities up to 99.9999% with an air factor from 2.9

Our new NKat system combines our proven PAN technology (Power As Needed) with the advantages of a hydrogen catalyst for further energy optimisation.

The notion gained from the PAN generator is fortified with very low quantities of hydrogen. In the catalyst, the hydrogen reacts with the remaining oxygen of the nitrogen. Through this newly developed INMATEC process, nitrogen can be produced with much smaller air compressors.